Top 5 Benefits of Same Day Crowns

The term “crowns” refers to a type of dental restoration used on teeth that have undergone substantial tooth decay. These metal or ceramic structures are most often used to cover the weakened top or sides of teeth, depending on the severity of the damage. They also serve as a protective measure, since they cover all areas that would be at risk for exposure in one’s mouth.

Nowadays, modern technology allows you to get your crowns made in a single appointment with your dentist, and they are called same-day crowns or CEREC® crowns. Dr. Mariusz Borowicz, DDS, can help you know further about the technology involved and the benefits of getting these crowns.

Here we are listing out the top 5 benefits of same-day crowns.

  1. Lifelike

The modern technology allows the dentist to design and create a crown in a single day. These crowns are created using CAD/CAM technology, which is advanced in nature. This advanced technology captures even the smallest details and allows to make a more lifelike crown.

  1. Quicker turnaround

The preparation and the making of the same-day crowns will typically take less than an hour, allowing them to be placed right away. As they are created in a single appointment, one can go from start to finish without having to make any additional trips. This will save you time. 

  1. Efficient

One of the biggest advantages to getting same-day crowns is that the preparation and the making can be done within an hour, giving you a customized crown in one appointment. This speed will allow you to avoid unnecessary delays and will not require you to miss work or school.

  1. Cost-effective

Same day crowns are more affordable than other types of crowns, as the price is dependent on the size and needs of the client. The other types of crowns, such as those made in a laboratory, take several appointments to be completed. Therefore, they tend to be more expensive. Moreover, the modern technology used in creating same-day crowns can provide a stronger bond that will last longer than ever before.

  1. More comfortable

Some conventional crowns can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, as they may cause pain and irritation. However, same-day crowns are designed differently from traditional crowns, so they will not cause any problems to you when you wear them for a long time.