There are various problems associated with missing teeth. It causes problems in the consumption of desired food and confidence and self-esteem issues in specific individuals. The advice of acceptance regarding missing teeth is prevalent. However, sometimes ignoring missing teeth can create even bigger issues. Loss of teeth is generally aRead More →

While more than half of the world relies on plastic toothbrushes every morning, the material itself is a high-order environmental hazard. No doubt dental care and hygiene are essential, opting for a change for a good cause is also an important part of being a human. Doctors are constantly addressingRead More →

  An overactive bladder causes an acute onset of urinary frequency and urges to urinate. It is a condition that affects many individuals across the world. An overactive bladder is characterized by the presence of strong urges to urinate even when there isn’t enough urine stored in your bladder. ItRead More →

The advancement in dental health continues to benefit the patient tremendously. Thanks to the robust technologies, you can now have many options in implant-supported restorations and select the one that best suits your needs. Exploring the possibility of other implant-supported repairs helps you understand your available choice and which oneRead More →