Dental Implants in Parkland: What You Should Know About

These Teeth Replacements

As you grow older, you can start to lose your teeth. And when you do not replace these missing teeth, you might sustain severe issues like cracked and rotting teeth as well as jawbone loss. Thankfully, Parkland dental implants can replace the teeth you have lost and give you an attractive smile again. However, before you decide to get these implants, think about all your options and learn more about these implants. This way, you can make an informed decision.  

Parts of a Dental Implant

Typically, dental implants have three parts. They have a titanium screw embedded in the bond. Also, there is an abutment that goes over the titanium screw when it has fused to the jawbone. Then, a porcelain crown that looks like your natural teeth is placed over the abutment. 

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Anyone who has one or more missing teeth can benefit from dental implants. Also, dental implants are for those who have broken or decayed teeth that can no longer be repaired. People who are not comfortable with their dentures or bridge can also get these implants. 

Before, people who have insufficient bones or suffered from certain medical conditions were not perfect candidates for dental implants. However, diagnostics and bone reconstruction advances have made it possible for the majority of patients to get implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

A lot of people turn to dental implants because of the following benefits:

  • Implants function like natural teeth. Dental implants restore your full chewing power. You may not be able to tell the difference between your implanted tooth and your natural teeth. You can eat with this implanted tooth normally. Also, you can brush and floss the way you do with your natural tooth.
  • They are durable. While a dental bridge can last up to ten years, a dental implant can last a lifetime. This has to do with the titanium material the implant is made from and its ability to incorporate with your jawbone.
  • They can prevent bone loss. When you lose a tooth, the bone in the empty space will deteriorate because of a lack of stimulation. As the implants replace the roots and the missing teeth, and your chewing power is restored to normal, they offer the necessary stimulation to allow the natural bone to grow. 
  • They can prevent changes in your look. Bone loss can lead to facial sagging. When you do not get implants, changes in your look can take place, including excess wrinkles around your mouth, a more pointed chin, and thinning lips.