Regular breast exams are an essential component of maintaining your health as you age. Regular breast exams are advised beginning at age 40 or earlier if you have a more significant risk factor for breast cancer. If this is your first breast exam, you probably have a lot of questionsRead More →

Imagine waking up before dawn, with the thought of spinal stenosis crown point already on your mind. As the sun begins to rise, you’re preparing for a marathon day, a day filled with delicate procedures and critical decisions. Picture this – the surgical theatre buzzing with anticipation, the loud hum of machinery,Read More →

Imagine a time when vascular surgery was more of an art than a science. A time when pioneering surgeons faced numerous challenges and very few solutions. Now, fast-forward to today, to an era where innovative minds like Dr. Eugene Tanquilut Tinley Park has revolutionized the realm of vascular surgery. The journey, theRead More →

Welcome to the intriguing world of the foot, the foundation of your mobility, your dance, your race, your leap! Working in the heart of the upper east side/midtown podiatry scene, I’ve seen a myriad of foot disorders that would make even the most seasoned marathon runner wince. But how do we, theRead More →

Imagine this: It’s a chilly morning in West New York. You’re sipping your coffee, looking out at the skyline, and thinking about a career switch. No more mundane 9 to 5 for you. You want something challenging, meaningful, and rewarding. As your eyes wander over your morning newspaper, one termRead More →

Imagine a world where one professional can solve all your toothy troubles – welcome to the realm of a general dentist. This expert is not just a tooth mechanic. They can fill cavities, clean teeth, and even solve complex issues like TMJ Bronx. They’re a one-stop-shop, tackling everything from routine checkupsRead More →