Types of Implant-Supported Restorations

The advancement in dental health continues to benefit the patient tremendously. Thanks to the robust technologies, you can now have many options in implant-supported restorations and select the one that best suits your needs. Exploring the possibility of other implant-supported repairs helps you understand your available choice and which one seems the most convenient to you. Dental implants consist of three essential parts, including the implant inserted in your jaw bone or gums, the abutment, and the dental crown. 

There are several ways you can learn about different types of impact restoration available in the market. However, when determining which type of dental implant is best, you always rely on expert advice. So check out the implant-supported restorations in Ankeny for some affordable and high-quality options. 

Types of implants supported restorations. 

  • Single implant restoration 

A single dental implant restoration is commonly used to replace a single missing tooth. Whether a person loses their tooth in an accident or if the tooth decays due to bacteria, a single implant restoration is the best option to replace one missing tooth in your mouth. 

The best part about the single implant restoration is it is completely customized to match the rest of the teeth in your mouth; hence it will not look out of place or artificial. Additionally, it is a permanent replacement for your natural tooth, and you must treat it like your other teeth. Replacing your missing tooth is also beneficial for your overall dental health as it will retain the strength and well-being of the other teeth. 

  • Dental bridge implant 

A dental bridge implant is the best option for people who have lost two or more teeth. These implants are a set of two to three teeth that are fitted in the palace of the missing teeth. There are two options for these types of implants, and one is to get temporary bridge implants where you can remove your artificial teeth when you want. 

The other one is permanent implant restoration, where the implants are installed in the place of the missing teeth forever. The implants are the foundation holding the bridge together. 

When a dental patient chooses to get these implant restorations, the two implants are added to the patient’s mouth, and then they have to wait until they heal completely. Once cured, the bridge is added to the implants, which will be the displaying part of the teeth.