November, Beautiful November

It’s November so we can seem to be summer time sliding away. It’s trouble for several people. Days are shorter, temperatures are going lower as well as the sunshine differs. It’s making most of us depressed.

Fall is really an attractive season, wealthy of contrasts, colours. It’s time to return inside, have nice quiet nights in your house.

Following the madness of summer time, holidays, fun, barbecues, lengthy nights out, you’re ready to return to yourself, to your inner existence.

I’m able to know how frightening it may be for some people, but consider it, could it be so terrible?

Some people want to have summer time one year annually and sunshine everyday.

We are able to see the length of the exodus, especially from Brits to warmer countries within the south. I truly think that the majority of individuals are drawn to sun and lightweight and just what seems as an simpler existence.

To possess looked at all individuals Television shows about moving abroad and departing under the sun, i still find it an illusion, which existence is exactly what we are doing from it.

Anywhere we go, we’re getting everything around, our temper, our pleasure, our happiness and our unsolved problems.

We’re who we’re anywhere we go. We’re held in the skin we have as lengthy once we are alive.

Charles Aznavour, a French Armenian singer stated “misery are the best under the sun”. Really, I am unsure which i accept this statement. Will depend on what sort of misery we are speaking about.

Anyway, I am not putting consecutive our west Countries in europe with islands under the sun. The truth is we are living here and that it’s a waste of time to fight against something which we can not do anything whatsoever about.

My proposal is simply to check out it in different ways.

Each year I’m so looking forward to spring returning after winter and on a single way, I’m so pleased to see fall coming after summer time. I tend not to have a similar again and again. I spent 24 months in Provence (south of France), high was greater than 300 times of sunshine each year. Guess what happens? I missed rain, fog and all sorts of rainwater which makes you like sun.

I love change and I am easily board with similar again and again.