What Happens If You Go to the Wrong Denture Clinic?

If you’ve been struggling to find a good dentist, don’t worry. There are plenty of clinics out there that offer high-quality dentures. Look for reviews and make sure you ask the right questions before making your first appointment. The right Surrey denture clinic will have good customer service, a skilled team of workers, and offer more than just dentures.

If you were unlucky enough to go to the wrong clinic, you might want to know what the experts think about what happens after you have gone there.

Here are some common signs that you have got dentures from the wrong dental clinic:

  1. Frequent denture repairs and replacements

You might need to replace your dentures more often than you hoped, and there is no reason why you should. If the repairs are made with sloppy techniques, it only takes a little while until the denture becomes loose again. 

You need to look for a clinic that will use new techniques when repairing your denture. Many things can go wrong when it comes to replacing your denture. You might end up with a smaller version of the previous one or even worse, an uncomfortable and ill-fitting one.

  1. Trouble eating and speaking

If you are experiencing pain when you open your mouth or if you can’t even manage to start eating because the denture doesn’t fit properly, you are definitely visiting the wrong clinic. The teeth should look natural and feel comfortable when you use dentures. If they don’t, then it is probably time for a change.

  1. Loss of bone density

Dentures that are not properly custom-made can cause a decrease in the bone density around your mouth. It is recommended to go to a clinic that will take measurements and make a proper impression of your mouth before they create your new denture.

  1. Gum inflammation, sores, and pain

If your dentures are causing gum inflammation, sores, and pain, then maybe you should consider visiting a different denture clinic. Your denture should be comfortable and painless. If inflammation or sores is the result, then they are giving you a negative experience that you don’t deserve.

  1. Lowered quality of life

If you have a lower quality of life (such as blood in your mouth, pain, and tiredness) because of your dentures, then it is time for a change. You need to find a different denture clinic that is better suited for you.