Boise sclerotherapy treatment: Before, during, and after the procedure

If you have vein conditions like spider or varicose veins, you should check with a vein doctor or dermatologist at the earliest. While spider veins don’t cause pain, most patients have aesthetic concerns. Varicose veins, on the contrary, can cause serious discomfort. With numerous treatments around, you don’t have to hide these concerns behind slacks and leggings. You can seek Boise sclerotherapy treatment, and in this post, we share more about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

Before sclerotherapy

Your doctor will discuss your medical history and any drugs, herbs, or medications you have been taking so far. Certain drugs, including ibuprofen, should be avoided for two days before sclerotherapy. You shouldn’t use a lotion on the day of the session and must not shave your legs. Wear comfortable and loose clothing to the clinic.  

During sclerotherapy

The medical team will first clean the area to be treated. Using a small needle, your doctor will inject a foamy/saline solution into the spider/varicose veins. You may feel a slight pinch and some discomfort as the solution goes inside the affected veins. Once done, the doctor will massage the area and apply some pressure. The whole session can take an hour or less, depending on the number of targeted veins. Most patients need at least two or more sclerotherapy sessions to see desired results, and the medical staff will guide you on when to come next.

After sclerotherapy

You will be asked to walk immediately after sclerotherapy, which can help prevent blood clots. You may also need to wear special bandages or compression stockings for two to three weeks to ensure adequate pressure on the treated veins. Do not shave your legs or use skincare products. While walking is okay, you should go for aerobic activities for two weeks. Avoiding sun exposure is usually a good idea, and if you have to step out, use an SPF. You should also avoid tanning booths.

Things to know

It is common to have some swelling at the injection sites after sclerotherapy. Do not use any hot compresses, and avoid skincare products. If you have unusual bleeding or other symptoms, check with your doctor immediately. Some patients may see evident changes in the appearance of treated veins, but it usually takes a few weeks to see desired results.

Sclerotherapy is safe and effective – Talk to your doctor in detail and discuss whether there are risks or concerns you need to know about.