Time for Dental Implants?

Missing teeth make your smile insecure?  Are your teeth continually in pain?  You may be dissatisfied with previous cosmetic dental work. Get dental implants now from a Fresno cosmetic dentist! They fix several cosmetic dental concerns and enhance your smile. 

What Are Dental Implants?

First, understand dental implants and how they vary from other cosmetic dental treatments.

Dental implants fix smile gaps. Implant “roots” are implanted directly into jaw bone tissue, where they connect spontaneously.  The roots, which resemble screws, will secure the implant.

The implant gets an abutment crown after healing.  Dental implant abutments support prosthetic teeth and secure custom crowns.  Your dentist will make a natural-looking dental crown.

Dental implants require multiple dentist appointments over three to nine months.

Dental Implant Indications

1. Missing Teeth 

178 million Americans are toothless.  If you are one of them, smiling can be hard. You may cover your mouth or avoid eye contact.  Missing teeth can make you “whistle” when you talk.  Dental implants repair lost teeth.

2. Chewing is Hard

You may choose a dental implant abutment treatment if damaged teeth make chewing difficult. Your good teeth “pick up the slack” for your damaged teeth, wearing them down quickly. Chewing can cause severe nerve-ending pain.  Replacing lost teeth relieves other teeth. It also prevents crooked smiles.

3. Temperature Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is common when eating or drinking.  Extreme discomfort and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures are more common in people with major dental disorders.  Brushing, drinking, eating ice cream, and drinking soup can all cause tooth and gum inflammation.  Dental implants let you eat your favorite foods without pain.

4. Broken Tooth

Cracked, fractured, and broken teeth look bad. Depending on the damage, these teeth may be hard to fix with aesthetic dentistry.  If you restore a chipped tooth, it is likely to happen again.

Sometimes removing the fractured tooth is better. A dental implant will follow.  You can enjoy various meals and activities because the implants are so strong.

5. Infected Tooth

Dental implants’ main benefit is not cosmetic.  Instead, it is about safeguarding your dental health and improving your entire wellness. Untreated dental infections and disease can increase your chance of strokes, heart attacks, and other major medical conditions, according to statistics. Do not disregard it.  Like cracked/chipped teeth, highly diseased teeth are sometimes best extracted. After that, a dental implant will keep you healthy and pain-free.

6. Dentures Do Not Work

Dentures no longer work.  Dentures slip and require frequent maintenance, embarrassing and hurting. Unfit dentures might irritate your gums.

Dental implants are permanent and stable. Avoid sores, suffering, and infection.