Top 5 Reasons to Get Dental X-Rays

Do you have a toothache? Are you not sure what’s going on with your bite and jaw? These are just some of the reasons that people should really consider getting dental x-rays. Dental X-rays are painless and quick and can help diagnose cavities and other potential dental problems. In fact, a dental x-ray is one of the main diagnostic tools dentists who have dental practice in Maryville, TN, use to identify dental problems.

Here are the main 5 reasons to get dental x-rays.

  1. To check for decay within and between teeth

Decaying teeth can cause yellow or brown and even red or black spots on the gums. Although people can feel these tooth decay symptoms, they may not realize that their teeth are actually rotting. Dental x-rays are able to scan for decay that is deep within teeth or in between teeth. These x-rays are noninvasive and painless, making it an easy and quick way to determine if root canals, fillings, and crowns need to be replaced.

  1. To monitor bone loss

This is especially important in people who have teeth extracted. It’s common for the bone to shrink and even move in the jaw if there is no tooth keeping the gums secure. Dental x-rays are able to show bone loss and determine if bone grafting needs to be performed.

  1. To check for decay under fillings

It’s important to look out for decay under the fillings in order to prevent it from spreading throughout your whole mouth. When pollution, food, and even bacteria make their way through the tooth, they can cause gum disease. By using dental x-rays, dentists can detect these problems by looking under fillings and other artificial parts of the mouth.

  1. To look for infection at the root tip

Dental x-rays are also able to detect infection at the root tip of teeth. Just like people who already have cavities, this infection usually doesn’t cause any pain. That doesn’t mean that it’s not harmful though. Root infections can be deadly and require immediate care by a dentist. By looking for these infections with dental x-rays, dentists are able to prevent further problems with their patients.

  1. To examine your oral health before any dental procedure

Dentists make sure that their patients are in good health before they do any kind of dental procedure. Dental x-rays are a quick and painless way to evaluate your oral health, especially if you have any oral problems such as gum disease.