6 Main Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Teeth discoloration is one of the most common cosmetic problems that appear in our daily life. There are many causes for teeth discoloration, which can vary from mild to severe, depending on what is causing it. You can seek professional dental care for your family in Burlington, ON, for getting a teeth whitening treatment to achieve a brighter and more beautiful smile with the least signs of teeth discoloration.

Let us now see into the main 6 causes of teeth discoloration.

  1. Foods or drinks

Teeth discoloration can also be caused by your eating or drinking habits. Discoloration can be seen in your teeth, which is either caused because of the staining properties of some foods and drinks, or due to a natural reaction resulting from acidic ingestion. For example, red wine, coffee and tea, soft drinks like citrus juice, lemonade, orange juice, and even sodas can be the main causes behind teeth discoloration.

  1. Use of tobacco

Tobacco use can also be one of the main causes of discoloration. While tobacco causes discoloration, it also makes your teeth darker than before. It can also cause bleeding gums and periodontal disease. Whether it be smoking or chewing tobacco, it is advisable to stop it as soon as possible to avoid discoloration.

  1. Poor dental hygiene

This is one of the common reasons for teeth discoloration. If you are not brushing and cleaning your teeth daily, then it can definitely be the major cause of teeth discolorations. You will have to be more careful about your daily dental hygiene so that your teeth stay as bright and beautiful as ever.

  1. Genetics

This is also one of the main reasons for teeth discoloration. If you had some dental problems in your family, then your teeth can suffer from discoloration.

  1. Aging

This is another factor that causes teeth discoloration as people become old. The bone structure of the jaw shrinks with age, and that decreases the room available for the denture causing it to retract, thus exposing your gums and pushing them against your teeth, resulting in stains on the surface.

  1. Medications

Some of the medications can cause teeth discoloration. It can either be from allergic reactions or from side effects. While some medicines act as a bleaching agent, they are not suitable to use on the skin because they affect the pH balance of the skin, causing irritation, and other side effects. Some antibiotics and anti-viral drugs can affect your collagen structure, which causes it to separate and discolor.