What are the Best Non-Invasive Jaw Reduction Treatment Options

A slender jawline has been long associated with elegance and attractiveness. This is particularly true in recent years, when KPOP superstars’ slim jawlines have been long the desire of many. Many people link such therapies with cosmetic surgery in order to obtain a thinner jawline. But, BTX Jaw Face Slimming allows us to obtain a smaller face without the dangers and inconvenience associated with surgery.

If you want a NON-INVASIVE way to attain a smaller jawline, we get the therapy for you: BTX.

What Causes Certain Individuals To Have A Broad Jaw?

A broad jaw may be caused by a variety of factors, the most frequent of which is a large jaw muscle known as the Masseter. This muscle is placed towards the rear of the jaw, where it is the largest, giving our face a squared-off appearance. As a result, in order to get a smaller jawline, we must minimize the size and mass of thick muscles.

What Causes A Square/Box Jaw?

Overdeveloped jaw muscles, the structure of bone beneath, or a mixture of both could cause a bulky or abnormally square jaw. It might also be a result of ethnicity (especially in Asians) and heredity, and specific lifestyle routine (such as frequent teeth grinding or chewing) could also result in a square jaw appearance and larger muscles of masseter.

How Can We Make This Big Jaw Muscle Smaller?

The solution is BTX! BTX may shorten this muscle, reducing the breadth of the jaw. The jaw bone is also remodeled throughout time, which amplifies the jaw-slimming effect.

Who is a good candidate for this treatment/BTX jaw face slimming?

This jaw reduction procedure may be performed by our Singapore medical specialists on anybody who has:

Jaws are broad and square-ish.

Trying to have a smaller jaw line and a V shape

In Singapore, How Is Btx Jaw Reduction Done?

Jaw BTX reduction is a non-surgical method that uses very thin needles to administer BTX via a series of little injections in the region being treated (typically between one to three). To guarantee that the treatment is absolutely painless, numbing cream might be administered.

The whole procedure is fast and simple, so much that it may be completed on a lunch break with little downtime necessary. Following the completion of a therapy session, you may have small needle marks, which normally fade within a few hours.

It takes 3 to 5 days for the muscles to loosen and 4 to 6 weeks to slim down beautifully. Jaw reduction BTX may also be combined with other face reshaping treatments to obtain a whole-face slimming result.

How Long Does Jaw Btx Take To Work?

Although there might be some obvious result immediately after a jaw contouring BTX treatment, the main impact is not noticed until three to four weeks later.

How Soon After Treating My Masseter/Jaw Muscle Will I Experience Results?

While the final result of masseter removal prior to and after would be a difference in your look, this is not to be seen right away. While you may see some improvements sooner in certain circumstances, it will usually take three or four weeks for the entire impact to become obvious.

How Long Will The Effects Of Btx Jaw Slimming Last? How Frequently Should I Get Btx Jaw Reduction?

In general, it takes three to five days for the muscles to rest after having the therapy, and the slimming effect is seen after four to six weeks. The effects of BTX jaw reductions will last around six months (even though it could be longer or shorter, varying on the client). As a result, it is advised that you have frequent extra sessions every four to six months or so if you would like to keep the full impact.