Painless Root Canal in Fort Myers

Gone are those days when people needed to pass through notorious experiences while opting for a root canal. But even now, people feel nervous hearing that a root canal is the only solution for saving their teeth or removing an infection. However, the advancement of technology not only created a provision for a painless root canal but also reduced several side effects that traditional root canal treatments caused. Therefore, one need not worry before opting for a root canal and can easily talk it out with Fort Myers, FL dentist

Importance of Root Canal

This dental treatment helps in removing any infection from the pulp and provides the utmost safety for the tooth. It also prevents the reappearance of infections, keeping the tooth’s condition good. A root canal would be effective for a cracked or chipped tooth, worsening tooth decay due to an ignored cavity, or previous filling complications. 

Use of the Latest Technology in Root Canal Treatment

The latest technology used in root canal treatment is laser technology which has made it a hassle-free process. The process that involves the treatment is the easy use of a beam of intense light that thoroughly cleans the canal where all the debris is melted down by the laser treatment and features bacteria and infection. Root cleaning is the most important task involved in the process, and laser technology performs it more effectively than conventional treatments. 

Another advantage of the process is that it consumes less time, and the chances of failure are negligible. Once the area is cleaned, the dentist will place a coating of antibiotics to prevent any further spread of infection. The procedure ends by filling the tooth and sealing it. 

Is Pain Involved in the Process?

No pain can be felt during the process. However, to be on the safe side and remove the possibility of the slightest pain, dentists use local anesthesia, but even without it, the process is not at all painful. Therefore, it is a myth that root canals are painful. Usually, one would experience greater pain before opting for a root canal, as removing the infection will eventually relieve the pain. 

Final Thoughts:

However, mild discomfort can be felt after the treatment, which proper medications prescribed by the dentist can also prevent. It is important to stay in touch with the concerned dentist and inform him about the whereabouts to ensure a safe and painless treatment.