What do I need to sell seeds, buds and CBD online?

Are you going to launch yourself into this prosperous business of selling marijuana derivatives and their derivatives online? Without going into whether you are a producer or simply a distributor, from now on we are only going to see the technical solutions and services you need to sell CBD and its by-products online.

Hosting to sell CBD

Our first piece of CBD Marketing Strategy is that you do not even try it with US companies, because although the FDA allows the sale of CBD, there are certain restrictions, such as not referring to therapeutic properties, for example, which can cause your online store to close immediately.

Advertise and promote CBD

This is another obstacle, which you will find when it comes to selling CBD. That is that the main advertising platforms, especially those in the US, do not allow you to advertise CBD products or derivatives. So forget about using Google Ad Words to promote your products. It also rules out creating direct ads on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter because these social networks, despite what the WHO says and other legislation, consider marijuana in all its forms, including CBD, to be drugs. However, there is a way to sell CBD on Google – guest posting and external links.


At this point, and given the limitations of doing SEM for the sale of CBD, marijuana or derivatives, the solution is to do good content SEO. Of course, with the help of your favorite SEO plugin, the strategy to follow for SEO of CBD products would be the following.

Focus on a specialist niche within the sale of CBD in which you can stand out. Strengthen your local SEO strategy aimed at the sale of CBD, relying on instant Google searches. Create good title and description Meta tags that stand out in search engine results.

Work hard on creative ways to advertise CBD. Create a social media posting strategy that drives traffic to your CBD sales website. Create SEO-friendly product pages that contain structured data to generate rich snippets.

CBD Shop Plugins

You really do not need anything special when it comes to plugins for an online store selling CBD and derivatives.

  • Woo Commerce – The base platform for selling online.
  • Age verification – Because the sale is illegal to minors, you must show that requirement in a highly visible way.
  • Payment gateway plugins – Once you determine the payment gateways, you must install the plugins that connect with each of them.
  • A good security plugin, to reinforce the protection measures of the hosting.
  • A good plugin that helps you comply with the cookie legislation.